The Ukrainian Wanderlust

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This Eastern European country is rarely acknowledged to be the biggest country in Europe. If counted within EU, Ukraine would have the 5th biggest population. Its 5 million capital city, Kyiv – the 7th biggest on the continent.

I wandered around it in 2015.

Traveling from Crimea to war-torn and Russian occupied Donetsk to an ancient city of Lviv. Of course big chalk of my journey was based in the ultra-modern city of contrasts – Kyiv (aka “Kiev”).

My book consists of two main sections: the fun and the useful one.

Section one recollects my top 100 experiences in this country and it serves as a description of the whole journey.

In book’s appendix, my readers will find 100 tips.


I’ve been in Ukraine once. I can sincerely confirm the majority of tips here. Overall, the country is so worth it. Very cheap to travel, I loved it!Emily Blur

My favorite city is Lviv. A beautiful ancient city. Felt like true, good old Europe…Emily Blur

Thanks to your tips we had a blast in Kyiv! Also, local people were so nice and prices so good. We would have stayed longer, but my hubby had to go back to office work. 🙂Kathy Rounge